5 Best Places to Visit When in Morocco

Morocco has an incredible destination to visit on a holiday or vacation also it is popular for its beauty from all beautiful tourist attraction. Here are the five best places to visit when in Morocco:

1. Marrakesh

Marrakesh is situated at the top of Atlas Mountains the city is noisy and also has a lot of history. When you visit this place, you are sure to see traditional foods, and artisan jewelries in town. Also, there are attractions like tombs and a place that gives a picture into the past. This is the most famous tourist destination, and also it attracts celebrities.

2. Essaouira

This is the best place to visit situated on the Atlantic coast. Also, it is an excellent place a holiday because it is a favorite hangout for icons like Jimi Hendrix. The ocean is well known because is very attractive to many people. The town has beautiful red and blue painted houses and ramparts that overlook the busy harbor. Essaouira is known for the quality seafood restaurants.

3. Merzouga

This is a small town of Merzouga and is an excellent place to visit when on vacation because of its dramatic wilderness of the Sahara desert. They offer many activities like camel safaris, which last for a few hours. When you visit Morocco, you will be able to explore the Saharan landscape, and knife edges dunes and rare desert wildlife.

4. Dades Valley

When you are planning to visit Morocco, it is a great idea to consider visiting Dades valley that runs between the Jebel Sahro and high atlas mountain ranges in Morocco. This place has a cliffs transition with dark red changing light. You will be able to get traditional forts or Kasbahs that are found at regular intervals, and also there are many luxury hotels.

5. Tangier

Tangier is a gateway to Africa for those traveling by sea from southern Europe. When on vacation it is good to visit this place because there is a lot to see there. You will be able to see the Kasbah Museum and also the French Ville Nouvelle. Even harbor offers exciting and attractive views of the strait of Gibraltar, and also in the city, you will get some pretty places to enjoy yourself. When planning a family vacation or holiday with the above best places to visit when in the city I am sure you will have a great time. In those places, one will have an opportunity to experience life in an ancient Arabic and stunning sea that create a perfect spot – take a look on morocco towns to visit.